Aims and Objectives

Social Signs Review aims to serve as a leading platform for the exploration, analysis, and dissemination of research related to social signs, symbols, and communication phenomena. The journal is dedicated to advancing understanding of the multifaceted ways in which signs and symbols shape human interactions, cultural practices, and societal dynamics. Social Signs Review seeks to promote interdisciplinary scholarship that investigates the roles of signs and symbols in various contexts, including language, culture, media, politics, technology, and everyday life. By fostering scholarly dialogue and critical inquiry, the journal aims to contribute to theoretical advancements, methodological innovations, and practical insights that enhance our comprehension of social semiotics and communication processes.

Social Signs Review welcomes contributions from scholars, researchers, and practitioners across diverse disciplines who are engaged in the study of social signs and communication phenomena. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

1. **Semiotics and Symbolic Interaction:**
- Theoretical Approaches to Semiotics
- Symbolic Interactionism
- Iconography and Iconology
- Semiotics of Culture and Society

2. **Language and Linguistic Signs:**
- Semantics and Pragmatics
- Discourse Analysis
- Sociolinguistics
- Multimodal Communication

3. **Media and Visual Communication:**
- Visual Semiotics
- Media Analysis and Criticism
- Advertising and Branding
- Digital Communication and Social Media

4. **Cultural Signs and Identity:**
- Cultural Studies
- Intercultural Communication
- Identity and Representation
- Ethnic, National, and Global Signifiers

5. **Political Signs and Discourse:**
- Political Communication
- Rhetoric and Persuasion
- Propaganda and Ideology
- Visual Politics and Public Opinion

6. **Technological Signs and Mediated Communication:**
- Human-Computer Interaction
- User Experience Design
- Technological Innovations and Social Change
- Augmented Reality and Virtual Environments

7. **Everyday Signs and Practices:**
- Urban Semiotics
- Environmental Communication
- Signage and Wayfinding
- Rituals, Gestures, and Nonverbal Communication

Social Signs Review encourages submissions that employ diverse theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research. The journal welcomes original research articles, literature reviews, theoretical essays, case studies, and methodological contributions that advance knowledge and stimulate debate in the field of social semiotics and communication studies. Social Signs Review is committed to promoting interdisciplinary dialogue, fostering collaboration across academic disciplines, and facilitating the dissemination of innovative research that sheds light on the complex dynamics of social signs and communication processes.