Plagiarism Policy

The Journal of Social Signs Review (JSSR) is committed to publishing original and high-quality scholarship in the field of semiotics and related disciplines. We take plagiarism and academic misconduct very seriously and expect all authors to uphold the highest standards of ethical research and writing.

1. Definition of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work and presenting it as your own, without proper attribution. This includes:

  • Copying text verbatim from another source without quotation marks or citations
  • Paraphrasing someone else's ideas without giving credit
  • Failing to cite the source of borrowed information or data
  • Self-plagiarism, which is reusing your own previously published work without proper citation

2. Consequences of Plagiarism

Manuscripts submitted to JSSR will be screened for plagiarism using plagiarism detection software. Any manuscript found to contain plagiarism will be rejected and the authors will be informed. In cases of severe or intentional plagiarism, the authors may be blacklisted from submitting further work to the journal.

3. Author Responsibilities

Authors submitting work to JSSR are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that their work is original and does not infringe on the copyright of others
  • Properly citing all sources of information and data used in their work
  • Obtaining any necessary permissions to reproduce copyrighted material
  • Disclosing any potential conflicts of interest

4. Detection and Reporting Plagiarism

Reviewers and editors of JSSR are trained to identify plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct. If you suspect that a manuscript submitted to JSSR may contain plagiarism, please report it to the editor-in-chief immediately.

5. Appeal Process

Authors who have their manuscript rejected due to plagiarism have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals should be submitted in writing to the editor-in-chief and should include a detailed explanation of why the author believes the plagiarism allegation is incorrect.